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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

E-mail Services

Not ready to build your website yet? Still want to have professional e-mail addresses?

Matrix can host your e-mail alone for a low cost. Take a look at all the great features:


  • style e-mail addresses
  • Spam Protection
    • Our spam detection techniques allow you to tag every e-mail that appears to be spam with a subject that you can quickly see to filter through your e-mail quickly.
    • You can even have all messages marked as spam go to a different folder that you can check via the web (or over IMAP)!
  • Access your mail via POP (typical method), IMAP or via a web-based interface
  • Mailing lists
    • Create a mailing list to send out newsletters to your clients!
    • Note: Matrix does not allow unsolicited e-mail (Spam) to be sent from our servers, therefore mailing lists must be subscribed to with permission from the subscriber.
  • Forward e-mail addresses to other accounts